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MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRACY was founded on March 12, 1990, at the School of Brazil in Achada de Santo António, thanks to the courage of some cadres and workers, who believed to be possible to free the Cape Verdeans from the oppressive yoke of the party regime only the PAIGC / PAICV that dominated Cape Verde, since independence, there were fifteen years and in that time and place, approved and signed the founding document of the party, its Policy Statement.

The name was suggested by Jacinto Santos. Its symbol, the circle with the blades of the fan, its green and white flag and its acronym MPD, stylizing a volcano, were designed by Leo Lopes and represent emconjunto air hope carrier cool to burst with the force of a volcano. Their song, "MPD, MPD, MPD is bô di people bô is Pancreatic people" is written by Calu Brindja, militant Mindelo. The expressiveness of these symbols and their authenticity demonstrated by the fact that ten months after its founding, January 13, 1991, the party has made history by winning the first democratic elections in Cape Verde with a qualified majority, a feat he repeated in 1995, with the introduction irreversibly, democracy in our islands and their relationship with the Diaspora.

The ideology of MPD is poured in its founding documents - Declaration Statement of 03/14/90 and NOV90 Policy Programme and the approved Strategy Motions in its successive National Conventions. And also results of its insertion in the Democratic International Centre, which chairs the IDC-Africa and is next to some of the main parties in power or the power arc in Europe, Latin America and Africa

The MPD has always positioned itself as a 'mediator movement in dialogue with civil society, which considers the essential democracy to development, that want global and held in the political, economic, social and cultural aspects and elects its consolidation and development Cape Verde as a primary objective "of its existence and its action
A Ilha do Fogo grita por mudança.

Descaso do governo com os moradores do Fogo. Veja o apelo dramático de uma das vítimas. A Ilha do Fogo grita por mudança.

Posted by Ulisses Correia E Silva on Friday, February 26, 2016
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Ulisses, o homem que mudou a Praia vai mudar Cabo Verde !

Ulisses, o homem que mudou a Praia vai mudar Cabo Verde !

Posted by Ulisses Correia E Silva on Sunday, February 28, 2016
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